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Some Kind Words from Our Friends

“I absolutely love this doctor office. They have delivered 5 of my 7 children…The level of personal care you receive here is unsurpassed by any other OB/GYN I have ever been to.”

Julia Cobb

“Dr. Olsterholt by far is the best! I’ve been coming to him for many years and I will never go to another until the day he retires!! He’s charismatic and very passionate.”


“All the doctors and staff are very helpful, friendly, and listen to issues at hand. I would recommend OB/GYN LTD. to anyone looking for a doctor in the area.”

Katie Sloan

“Went here with all four of my pregnancies. Highly recommended for their knowledge and experience.”

Jennifer Lewis

“Doctor Osterholt kind, compassionate care. Highly recommend.”

Jenny E., Facebook

Welcome to OB/GYN LTD

OB/GYN LTD. is an obsterics and gynecology group practice in Springfield, Ohio. Two board-certified OB/GYNs,Dr. Curtis Orr and Dr. Shawn Osterholt, and two nurse practitioners, Jennifer Rust and Kelly DeBrosse, provide highly personalized care for women.

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• 3 East Treatments
• Requires No Anesthesia
• No Downtime
• Symptom Relief After Just One Treatment
• Minimal Side Effects
• Thousands of Women Successfully Treated Since 2011

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